Blogger Recent Comments V2__Avatar + Post Title + HTTPS

blogger-recent-comment-avatar-post-title-httpsAfter "HTTPS support coming to Blogspot", if you ever installed my old version "Blogger Recent Comments" in your blog, it will cause "mixed content".

To let this widget compatible with HTTPS, I release this new version V2 and make some improvement. Please see the introductions as follows.

(pic from:

I. Features

1. New Function


Above please see the image of new version:

  • HTTPS support
  • Add navigation area, including "previous page", "next page", "toggle open", "toggle close" buttons. These buttons are big enough for convenient operation.

2. Improvement


There are several problems in old version. As some blogs have narrow sidebar, please see example image above, the layout of this widget doesn't look tidy, such as:

    • Author name and date can't stay at the same line
  • Post tile might be separated into 3 lines

Now the new version has the following improvement:

  • The display of "date" is optional
  • The display of "post title" is optional
  • It only displays the 1st line of the post title(if the cursor hovers over the post title for 1 sec., it will display the whole content of the post title)
  • The display of "total comment count" is optional(if the total comment count is not large, some blog owners might not want this information to be showed)
  • The display of "avatar" is optional
  • It enlarges the "toggle open", "toggle close" buttons, so that visitors can click more easily

II. Installation

If you ever installed the old version, please remove the original widget.

If you did not install the old version, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard → Layout
  • Click on "Add a Gadget" → HTML/JavaScript
  • Copy and Paste the code below:

If you keep the default value for parameters, just save it then you can enjoy this widget.

If you would like to modify the default values, please refer to the alphabetical character above:

A: Please refer to "The Tips on How to Link to JQuery Files" and check if you've installed jQuery in your Blogger template. If so, just remove the code of this line. If you're not sure, then keep this line.

G: How many comments per page.

H: How many characters for comment summary

I: The avatar width in px. If you don't need to dispaly avatar, just modify it as 0.

J~L: The image urls of the two lines J & K are for "Blogger account" and "OpenID". The image urls of L line is for "Anonymous account", you could replace it with custom icon. Please note that don't start the url with "http://", in order to be compatible with HTTPS mode.

M~O: Just follow the remark in green text. If you don't need to display post tile, date, or comment amount, you can modify the setting as "N".

P: Just follow the remark in green text if you need to change the date format.

Q~T: These symbols are changeable, please refer to "" for more symbols.

U~V: These strings are changeable. Modify them as you want.

AB~EG: If you're familiar with CSS, you could customize these codes.

III. Instruction

If you find this widget couldn't show recent comments, please check these options below:

1. Blogger Dashboard → Settings → Basic → Blog Readers → Check if you set as "Public"

2. Blogger Dashboard → Settings → Other → Allow Blog Feed → Check if you select "Full"; If you select "Custom", please check "Blog Comment Feed", be sure to select "Full", so that this widget can display recent comments.

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