How to Backup Blog Posts Automatically -- by IFTTT

backup-blogger-posts-automatically-ifttt-How to Backup Blog Posts Automatically -- by IFTTTAll Blogger blog posts are stored in cloud storage. Why do we still need to back up the posts? Is the cloud platform not safe? As Blogger blogs belong to Google, it's believed that Blogger is more trustful than other blog platforms.

Rather than the errors happen at the cloud end, it's more possible that the errors might happen at our end. Sometimes we might delete our Blogger posts accidentally. Or, when editing the post, due to incautious operation, we might save the wrong content which overwrite the original content.

so, we do need the tool to back up blog posts automatically, to avoid all kinds of accidents. I'll introduce some solutions in this post, including the best one -- IFTTT.

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1. Auto Backup Solution

A. Online Service

Among all free backup services, I'll recommend "BlogBackupr", as it can back up posts and images(up to 10MB).

Disadvantage: No one knows when the free services might close, and it's hard to last as long as Google.

B. RSS Reader

"Feedly" is the most popular one, if you subscribe to your own blog from Feedly, it means you can back up all new posts automatically for free.

  • Not all old posts can be displayed in Feedly, so you can't back up all posts
  • Can't keep posts in HTML format

C. Email

After install Blogger official widget "Follow by Email", you can subscribe to your blog posts from email. This solution is similar to RSS reader, likewise, the disadvantages are the same.

2. Best Solution -- Blogger

I'll recommend the best solution: Fully back up your blog posts to another Blogger blog. It works even though your blog platform is not Blogger.

A. Advantage

If choosing the solution of RSS reader or Email, you could only keep the post contents in text format.

But after copying all blog posts to another Blogger blog, you can keep the post contents in HTML format.

  • Maintain the CSS style, such as text color, font size, etc.
  • Keep the hyperlink string, whole content of A tag, IMG tag.
  • Keep content of Javascript and other HTML tags.

B. Steps

I'll show the main steps briefly in advance:

  • Back up old posts: export blog posts from dashboard, save the file in XML format, then import the backup file into your backup Blogger blog.
  • Back up new posts: use "IFTTT" service, it will monitor RSS feed of your blog, and will add new posts to your backup Blogger blog automatically.

Now let's see how to take these steps in detail.

3. Back up Old Posts

A. Back up Posts

Original Blogger blog → Dashboard → Settings → Other → Back up Content → Save your file in XML format.

B. Build New Blogger Blog

Visit above url, press the button "New Blog", to build your new Blogger blog.

C. Import Posts

New Blogger blog → Dashboard → Settings → Other → Import Content → select the XML file you just saved.

Now you've backed up all old posts to your new blog.

Before continuing to back up the new posts, we need to make sure the settings of our old and new blogs are correct.

D. Old Blogger blog setting

Old blog → Dashboard → Settings → Other → Allow Blog Feed → Full

This setting makes sure the entire content of all new posts could be backed up to the new blog, instead of partial content.

E. New Blogger blog setting

New blog → Dashboard → Settings → Basic → Privacy → Edit → Let search engines find your blog → No

This setting can avoid the search engine indexing the duplicate posts(comparing with the old blog) in the new blog.

4. IFTTT Operation

After completing the settings of the old and the new blogs, it's time to use IFTTT in order to synchronize all new posts from the old blog to the new blog.

Firstly, visit above IFTTT website and finish the registration.

I've made a ready-made "Recipe" and you don't have to remake one. Just press the big icon below:

IFTTT Recipe: Blogger auto backup

The browser will open a new window:

blogger-auto-backup-1-How to Backup Blog Posts Automatically -- by IFTTT

Press "Connect" → will log in to your google account → press "Allow" → choose your new blog → press "Done"

blogger-auto-backup-2-How to Backup Blog Posts Automatically -- by IFTTT

Please refer to step A~C in image:

A. fill in the RSS url of the old blog here, you just have to replace the text "wayne-fu"(with red underline) with your blog url string.

B. set the label name (this step is optional)

C. Finally press the button "Add" to finish this recipe.

In the future, IFTTT will check if there is any new post published periodically in the old blog, and will copy all new posts to the new blog automatically.

5. Summary

The whole procedure connects with different cloud services together, and we need to be familiar with internet in order to operate well, which might be not quite easy.

However, many cloud services can help us finish the work quickly and automatically. It's worth spending some time to get used to the could services.

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