CC0 Free High-Quality Image Search Engine

To search for free pictures more conveniently and legally, I created this CC0 free image search engine. By using it, you don't need to visit individual websites of photo library separately.

You can search for high quality photos from all famous CC0 photo library by one time with this search engine, which could save lots of time. To experience this search engine, please click the button below. If you need to search for CC0 images frequently, just drag this button to your bookmark bar(or add this site to your bookmark):

1. Guide

A. Search Engine

This searching engine is made with Google Custome Search Engine (CSE):

  • For each tab menu, whenever executing a search, there will be 10 pages of search results the most.
  • Each page of search results includes 20 pictures the most.
  • The total amount of search results is 200 pictures the most.

B. How to Use

  • The first tab "Pixabay", which keeps the largest amount of CC0 images in stock, is the No.1 CC0 photo library.
  • The rest tabs of CC0 photo stock library are "Pexels", "Stocksnap", "Pickupimage", "Librestock". These are also famous ones.
  • For each tab, if 200 pictures for each search execution are not enough, you can switch to different tabs, choose another photo stock library, thus you'll find more pictures(see more search results).

C. Features

This search engine uses Ajax for dynamic loading, so the speed of execution is very fast when you perform these actions:

  • When switching tabs, it will search the same keyword automatically.
  • When switching pages(from 1 to 10).
  • When staring a new search.

2. Photo Stock Library List

Here is a list of all CC0 photo stock library which I collected for this search engine. But this list is not permanent, which means some sites might be removed, and some sites might be added to the list. The standard of evaluation is according to the amount of images indexed by Google for each web site.

A. Individual Tabs

B. Main HQ Pic Tab

C. More HQ Pic Tab


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