Use Colorful Underline With Different Styles For Your Posts

If the topic of your blog is not about travel, food, or photograph (contain lots of pictures), it means the contents of your articles are mainly text. Maybe it will be more difficult to catch readers' eyes.

To attract readers' attention, we could add some colors in our posts. Also, some colorful underline would be a great idea! This post will guide you how to add different colorful underlines for important, emphasized texts or sentences.

(Pic from: ASE Buzz-Picasa)
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CC0 Free High-Quality Image Search Engine

To search for free pictures more conveniently and legally, I created this CC0 free image search engine. By using it, you don't need to visit individual websites of photo library separately.

You can search for high quality photos from all famous CC0 photo library by one time with this search engine, which could save lots of time. To experience this search engine, please click the button below. If you need to search for CC0 images frequently, just drag this button to your bookmark bar(or add this site to your bookmark):

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