Blogger Recent Posts + Thumbnails with Custom Size

Normally "Blogger Recent Post with Thumbnails" widgets display SQUARE images, because Blogger store the data of post thumbnails as 72x72(px) image in the blog feed. So I wrote a widget, which can modify the size of thumbnails, to make images look better.

It's believed that the image in RECTANGLE looks better than in SQUARE, so setting the size of thumbnails in "Golden Ratio" (around 1:1.6) would be a good idea (or any ratio you prefer).

(pic from:
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The Tips on How to Link to JQuery Files

Many Blogger widgets are developed using jQuery, one of the famous JavaScript frameworks. In order to run these widgets, we have to load the jQuery file on the website.

If the web owner is not familiar with jQuery, this might happen: find some widgets from the internet, install on a website/blog, but including multiple jQuery files (with different versions). Such action will definitely delay the page loading; even cause an unexpected conflict between different jQuery versions.

Since quite a few widgets from WFU BLOG are written with jQuery, it's important to guide readers how to link to jQuery files correctly. This post will conclude all tips on installing jQuery.

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